Current (fully manual device)

Our future (homemade)

Sumary of the project

We want to make a chemisorption equipment for measuring dispersion of supported metals and chemisorption of oxygen on carbon catalyst at low temperature.

  • Dispersion of catalyst is measured injecting pulses of chemisorbing gas in the reactor where sample is loaded. Each pulse of a known volume produces a output signal in the detector (see below) which is inversely proportional to the chemisorbed amount.
  • Oxygen chemisorption will be done (with the sample at 300 ÂșC?) on carbon supported catalyst. Oxygen pulses injected will be chemisorbed on the metal (and the carbon support!) and the oxygen transfer effectivity can be evaluated.
  • Features

  • Semi-automatic: reactor temperature (ramp, soaks) and logging are started separately. On the (near) future, full computer control will be studied
  • Pulse injection of gases: oxygen, hydrogen...
  • Fitting type actually set is being changed from 1/8" to 1/16" seems to be very interesting (is this size available in ALTE?).

Parts list

Below is the list of components required.


  • VICI Microvolume thermal conductivity detector LINK outlink.
  • Entire unit (cell and electronics) for 230 VAC: TCD2-NIFE-220
  • Flow rates between 1-10 mL are recommended for best sensitivity.
  • Filaments available: Ni/Fe and W/Re.
  • Outputs provided are 0-1 V and 0-10 V
  • South america distributor: Quartz outlink.
  • Valve

  • VICI Valve: Valco GC valve, 6 ports, 1/16" fittings. Port size has to be chosen between 0 40 mm outlink or 0 75 mm outlink (which port size do we have on the loops we own?).
  • VICI Actuator: Microelectric actuator outlink connected to valve and activated by relay control (pins 1, 5 and 6). Switching time is 110 msec (EH actuator) or 235 (ED actuator).
  • Sample loop: many available outlink choose volume.
  • Reactor

  • Juanito (split?) furnace.
  • Quartz reactor. Internal diameter?. Length?.
  • Optional: Parr reactor outlink
  • Logging system

  • Labjack U3 LINK outlink will be user as logging hardware. Resolution for input is 12-bits and voltage must be between -0.3 to +3.6 volts.
  • Software: Labjack comes with DAQfactory outlink Express which can control and log signals. Probably we can also use LabVIEW outlink which is more advanced, but no license is available at the time.
  • Computer: A(n old) laptop can be purchased. Requirements are USB slots.